We provide a wide range of painting services that cater to every need, including painting for HDB, landed and commercial property, and both interior and exterior surfaces.
With our selection of paints, you can customize your home walls to fit your lifestyle, whether it be giving your home a makeover with a variety of Nippon Paint colors, or keeping your children safe with Raffles baby-safe paint.

HDB painting
Landed property painting
Exterior and interior painting
Commercial property painting

Partition walls and ceilings

Personalize your home further with cove lights, partition walls and ceilings installed by our team of skilled renovation workers. These additions to your space will give you further ability to customize and alter to fit your needs; whether it be partition walls for privacy, to split up your area into individual sectors, or just for comfort, with the option of insulation for our partition walls and ceilings.

Cove lights
Partition walls
Partition ceilings


We can help in the installation, fitment of an array of household appliances and fixtures, including toilet bowls and basins, faucets, and showerheads. We also offer closure and shutter fitments for commercial spaces, with several variations for you to choose from to ensure the best security for your businesses and offices.

Toilet bowl and sink installation
Faucet fitment
Showerhead fitment
Vertical roller shutter fitment
Horizontal folding closure fitment
Toilet/Wet area tiling
Grill repair and replacement

Electrical & Plumbing work

Setup and repair of plumbing and wiring is simple when working with our team of experienced plumbers and electricians. We’ll help you install appliances in hard to reach areas, such as CCTV and wall fans with no fuss. We guarantee efficient and reliable servicing to keep your home running smoothly, to give you peace of mind.

Electrical wiring
Power point socket installation
Electrical heating installation

Landscaping & Gardening

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the authentic essence of nature in the pursuit of style, and with assistance from our team of creative landscapers, you don’t have to. Our Zen-inspired aquascaping will allow fish tanks and ponds in your living spaces, giving a clean look while keeping maintenance easy and simple. Our landscapers will work with you to make your vision for your garden/landscape into reality.

Pond installation
Aquascaped planted fish tanks
Grass field


With our maintenance services, you can keep your house in tip-top form. Our team will ensure that issues will be resolved as fast as possible, while preserving the original essence of your home.

Pool maintenance
Garden maintenance
Household maintenance
Furniture repair


With a certified Fengshui master advising throughout the process, feel at ease as we work out holistic approaches for you and ensure your living spaces will be in tune with your life purpose.

Annual fengshui revisitation
Renovation with Fengshui consultancy
Development with Fengshui consultancy